Course Link: Complete Java Masterclass – updated for Java 11

Learn to master Java 11 and Java 8 core development step-by-step and make your first unique, advanced program in 30 days

What You Will Learn?

  • Learn how to build creative, fully-functional Java 8 programs with confidence (whilst having fun, too)
  • Learn how to program the right way, cutting out the useless fluff and filler
  • Learn how to easily write advanced programs for all computing platforms at once
  • Expert-level knowledge of Java code (+ advanced tips and tricks used by the pros)
  • The core skills needed to program for big clients, as a traveling freelancer or from home


  • A computer with either Windows, Mac or Linux to install all the free software and tools needed to build your new apps (I provide specific videos on installations for each platform)
  • A strong work ethic, willingness to learn, and plenty of excitement about the awesome new programs you’re about to build
  • Nothing else! It’s just you, your computer and your hunger to get started today

Course Description


Join over 250,000 students just like you who’re having massive success with their Java 11 and Java 8 programs using this exact course (and learning to code the right way)

“There’s a reason this course is a bestseller and highest rated on Udemy…”


Want to go from no previous coding experience — overwhelmed and confused about where to even start — to advanced Java 8 and Java 11 programmer, able to seamlessly build creative and exciting programs with confidence?

You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise. Here’s the great news…

You’ve just stumbled upon the most complete, in-depth beginner to advanced Java 8 and Java 11 programming course online. With over to 250,000 students enrolled and tens of thousands of 5 star reviews to date, these comprehensive tutorials cover everything you’ll ever need.

Whether you want to:

– become an in-demand Java developer for exciting software companies

– go freelance and work from home, setting your own schedule and rates

– sharpen your core programming skills to reach the advanced level

– simply bring your own ideas to life with your first profitable program

…this complete Java developer course is exactly what you need, and more. (You’ll even get a certification of completion to add to your arsenal)

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn

(It’s okay if you don’t understand all this yet, you will in the course)

  • All the essential Java keywords, operators, statements, and expressions needed to fully understand exactly what you’re coding and why – making programming easy to grasp and less frustrating
  • New Java 9, Java 10 and now Java 11 content added – find out how to use cool new Java 9 features like modules, but also which version of the JDK you should install now that Oracle are charging for the use of Java!
  • How to safely download and install all necessary coding tools with less time and no frustrating installations or setups
  • Complete chapters on object-oriented programming and the Java API (the protocols and tools for building applications) so you can code for all platforms and derestrict your program’s user base (and potential sales)
  • How to develop powerful Java applications using one of the most powerful Integrated Development Environments on the market, IntelliJ IDEA! – Meaning you can code functional programs easier.  IntelliJhas both a FREE and PAID version, and you can use either in this course.

(Don’t worry if you’re used to using Eclipse, NetBeans or some other IDE. You’re free to use any IDE and still get the most out of this course)

  • How to not only code for desktop platforms, but for Android applications so you can fully utilize this booming mobile marketplace
  • Java know-how for tools such as the Spring framework, popular amongst enterprise-level development (for big clients)
  • Advanced coding tips and tricks used by the world’s most in-demand programmers as well as the top tech companies, so you can create apps not only for yourself, but as a profitable business on your terms if you choose to

And much, much more…

See what your fellow students have to say:

“If you want to learn Java programming, this is definitely the best place. Tim is a brilliant instructor and he’s quick to answer any questions about programming in Java. Because Tim explains almost all the concepts in a non-technical jargon, this course is perfect for complete beginners or intermediates.” – Casper Donnoly, TX, USA

“Great course! Everything is explained simply which is super important for learning programming, he nails it!” – Keith Fox, Colorado, USA

“This course has taught me so much. I’ve gone from newbie to pretty much an expert in no time! Thanks so much Tim :)”  – Via Kim

“Great course. He gives you challenges that really test your knowledge on that section. He’s crystal clear and although some parts are a long, it’s only to make sure you get it. This is the best course I’ve taken.” – Chukwuebuka

“This Java course is worth every penny and I find Tim to be one of the best instructors here on Udemy.” – Daniel Kubanyi

It’s safe to say my students are thrilled with this course, and more importantly, their results, and you can be too

This complete beginner to advanced Java course will teach you everything you need to know in order to code awesome, profitable projects, and of course, have fun whilst doing it.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is perfect for absolute beginners with no previous coding experience, to intermediates looking to sharpen their skills to the expert level
  • Those looking to build creative and advanced Java apps for either personal use or for high-paying clients as a self-employed contractor
  • Those who love letting their own creative genius shine, whilst getting paid handsome amounts to do so