Course Link: The Complete COBOL Course From Beginner To Expert

Become an Expert on COBOL Programs by coding it. Run COBOL Programs with JCL. Basic TSO/ISPF operations are also covered

What you’ll learn

  • Execute a COBOL Program with confidence
  • Develop COBOL Programs along the way as you take the program
  • Build a strong knowledge base on COBOL from Scratch to Advanced level
  • To be able to clear the Job interviews on Cobol
  • Programmed to debug the program and to check for any errors for a program
  • Advance, boost and expand the skill set on COBOL if you have a fair understanding of COBOL
  • Redesign and code a Particular program in multiple ways
  • This course does not include VSAM.
  • This Course also includes a section on COBOL-DB2 and I have coded some COBOL DB2 Programs as well.


  • You should have a PC with internet connection
  • If you have a mainframe id then it will be beneficial but it is not necessary
  • No Previous programming language is required
  • If you know basic TSO/ISPF and JCL, it will be beneficial. Don’t worry, I will cover basic TSO/ISPF and a very small portion of JCL as well.
  • The Course also contains COBOL DB2 programs towards the end of the course and to code this, you should have a basic idea of the DDL and DML operations in DB2.


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Do you want to start on COBOL but have no experience on COBOL? 

If you have some prior knowledge on COBOL or if are a complete fresher, you are at the right place. The Course teaches you COBOL right from Scratch to Advanced level.

What makes this Course unique and Best Seller?

Well, the course has everything you need to master COBOL Programming. If you want to build a career in Mainframe, then COBOL is a ‘MUST TO HAVE’ skill.

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What if you are stuck?

I personally answer all the questions which are asked here. If you are stuck anywhere, ask a question or you can message me directly and I will answer all your doubts.

Are you getting updated content?

Yes, I keep updating the content always to make sure, I provide all the information to my students.

Is CICS Included in this course?

No, this course does not include CICS at this point of time.

The Course is a complete COBOL course –

  1. The course starts with Introduction of COBOL, history, and versions of COBOL
  2. Data types, Structure and various level clause are covered in detail
  3. Complete demonstration of executing a program is shown
  4. How to compile and execute a program is covered with ease.
  5. All 4 DIVISIONS of COBOL are illustrated, edited, documented and defined.
  6. Most of the programs are coded while explanation and tested and debugged in front of you.
  7. The Quality and Quantity of the course is great. It covers all the topics in COBOL starting from Scratch.
  8. Basic details of TSO/ISPF and JCL is also included along with COBOL.
  9. Multiple programs have been coded, assembled and aligned to suit the theory part which we covered.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to master COBOL can take up this course. This teaches COBOL from Scratch to Advanced level
  • If you have knowledge of Mainframe then it will be beneficial but if you don’t know what is Mainframe, I have explained about mainframes at the beginning of the course.
  • Basic TSO/ISPF commands and basic knowledge of JCL will be useful but is not necessary
  • The Course also contains COBOL DB2 programs towards the end of the course and to code this, you should have a basic idea of the DDL and DML operations in DB2.